Ambilife L-10016 quartz lamp

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Bactericidal (antimicrobial) photocatalytic recirculator with quartz lamp for disinfection of indoor rooms and air purification when people being inside.

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Ambilife is a quartz lamp for indoor disinfection and indoor air purification. Suitable for cleaning office or home air from bacteria, fungus, exhaust pollutants, mites, dust and pollen. The principle of operation of this device uses the latest principle of photocatalysis, which has an air cleaning efficiency far exceeding that of air ionizers, ozonators, dust filters (HEPA), carbon filters, traditional quartz lamps or mixed air cleaning methods.

Ambilife L-10016 disinfects the air (inactivates microorganisms) in humans indoors without adversely affecting human health, does not emit ozone, solid UV spectrum, does not ionize air, does not require constant air quality control and time limitation. Cleans the air of volatile organic pollutants (including odors). During the photocatalytic process, air contaminants do not settle on the filter (such as HEPA filters) but are broken down into harmless air components such as carbon dioxide and water.

Ambilife is intended for use in offices, administrative and public premises, medical facilities (operating rooms, wards, laboratories, etc.), children’s and preschool institutions, schools or even homes.

  • Air flow: 70 m3 / h
  • Decontamination efficiency: 99.9%
  • Rated power: 29 W
  • UV spectrum, 320-400 (UV-A 90%) nm
  • Dimensions: 470 x 160 x 170mm
  • Lamp life: (17500 hours) 2 years
  • Dust filter: (EN779: 2012)
  • F5: (prevents insects, pollen and dust from entering the room)
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Operating mode: At least 8 hours, continuous operation possible

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